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Sisters of 3 Gun

Meet Ericka, Emily and Erin Sanderson… or as they are affectionately referred to as E1, E2 and E3. These young ladies are not only competitors but also worked as match staff at the Rocky Mountain 3 Gun. I had the pleasure to be their RO during the staff shoot, at one point I had to ask the girls if they are always this nice to each other all the time and with some giggles and grins they said “most of the time”. Their father Geoff Sanderson is just as good natured and certainly proud of his girls. What I enjoyed most was the light hearted nature each of these sisters, but the polite and hardworking manner in which they participated in their squad and the professional way they worked as Range Officers during the match was extremely impressive.

The competitive shooting sports is rich with sponsored shooters right now from companies big and small, all doing their best to bring in a new demographic of shooters of all skill levels and ages into the sport. These young ladies take their shooting very seriously, and it was such a joy to watch them coach each other… and their dad through the match. I had an overwhelming thought that these girls should be sponsored as they have the ability to wonderful ambassadors for the shooting sports. In this sport as in every other it is all about who you know and where you can be seen to land the big deals and sponsors to cover the high price tag that comes with our game. These girls may not be looking for it, as they are as humble as the day is long, but since they are out there shooting matches anyway, having your logo on their backs might be a good move. Just saying….

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