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SHOT Show 2020

By Eileen Kerlin

It’s Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show 2020 and Las Vegas is all abuzz.  So exciting seeing all the shirts and hats representing the military, law enforcement, gun enthusiasts in restaurants and walking around the strip.  Honestly, I’ve never felt safer.  Las Vegas is expecting 50,000 plus attendees to invade my fair city; they arrive from every state and from all over the world.  SHOT Show brings close to 100,000 dollars in revenue to the city of Las Vegas. 

This year SHOT Show officially commenced at the Sands Convention Center on Tuesday January 20th.  But there already were events happening all over Clark County.  Media day is huge and a much sought-after invite.  It happens on Monday before SHOT Show and is very exciting day.  SIG SAUER held its range day at Clark County Shooting Center.  Daniel Defense was out at Pro Gun LV for a VIP event.  I want to tell you about some other smaller events that happen the weekend leading up to the Big Show. 

Previously, Anteris Alliance hosted TRY & BUY 2020.  Early admission was for media only but then they open it to the public for just $10 admission.  You can’t get a better deal anywhere in Vegas. Anteris Alliance, a collective group of companies owned by veterans and patriots that provides support for veterans and first responders.

This event had it all.  And here are some highlights:

Pistols from Walther, H&K, & others were all available to test.  The vendors were happy to keep loading magazines for our shooting enjoyment. 

All kinds of Rifles were ready for someone to pick them up and fire.  Including a Heckler & Koch full auto MP5; who doesn’t like to activate the giggle switch.  

Leo Takedown demonstrated their interesting product.  The tag line is “Redefining the rules of discrete carry and rapid deployment”.  The Leo TakeDown provides instant barrel removal, caliber swap & barrel length changes without tools, without fine motor skills, and without wasting time. 

And for those lovers of Precision Rifle there was a Masterpiece Arms.  A suppressed rifle shooting .300 Winchester Magnum.  Who would ever say no to that?

Speaking of suppressors…  There were multiple vendors displaying their suppressors. It’s so enjoyable to shoot without having to wear ear protection. 

What shooting event would be complete without shotgun.  Ironhorse industries had their pump action shotgun out for our pleasure.  And Fiocchi, one of the event sponsors, had multiple shotguns available to try your hand at sporting clays.  By the way, I went 4 for 4. 

Weber Tactical, worn by many competitor shooters in matches, introduced their new concealed carry holster.  Hiperfire was there introducing their newest rifle trigger, The Phantom.  It’s going to unveiled at SHOT Show 2020 and we got to see it first. 

Tactical Games had a small stage set up; those who competed got bragging rights are a free Tactical Game t-shirt. Well I’m always up for a challenge.  It included 4 laps up and down a rocky hill carrying sandbags (for women 35 – 50 lb bags) and 4 courses of fire with an AR and a STI.  I’ll just say I did not take top prize!  But it sure was fun having the whole crowd cheering me and a fellow female competitor on as we slogged up the hill.

Besides all the fun in the bays.  There was an amazing silent auction.  All benefiting different veteran groups.  Anyone in town for SHOT Show is seriously missing out not attending the Anteris Alliance event.  This is my second year and I’m definitely planning on attending in 2021. 

On Sunday STI hosted the Staccato 2011 Range experience; also held at Pro Gun LV.  This event was open to LEO’s, Military, Influencers, & Enthusiasts.  They had their entire line of Staccato pistols available to test fire.  Many of their pro shooters were there to assist and answer any questions; including Todd Jarrett, Lanny Barnes, & Corine Mosher.

STI is introducing 8 new handguns this year.  There are some new lines, including the Staccato XL and updates to the P & C lines.  The Staccato XL is replacing the DVC line in the competition market.  Available both with iron sights (5.4”) or with a redot (5”).  The Staccato C is a more compact version of the original Staccato; with a 3.9” barrel and available in either single or double stack. 

Staff were refilling magazines as quickly as everyone could shoot.  And according to Tony Pignato, Chief Marketing Officer of STI International, “These guns are made to run not walk”.  Hoppes, the co-sponsor, of the event was giving out some free product to any who posted a selfie with a Staccato to Instagram.  And everyone received goodie bag for attending.  What an awesome day. 

SHOT Show is an overwhelming & incredible event bringing thousands of 2nd amendment folks together.  So many people are disappointed each year that they can’t get into SHOT Show.  These 2 events were the perfect way for the consumer, the gun enthusiast, the curious to get a taste of what SHOT is all about. 

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