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Shooting on the Move

Shoοting while moving is an advanced skill that requires practice and training; however, it is an important skill that most shoοters will want to work on. It is unlikely there would a defensive scenario when you would stand face-to-face with a gunman like a old Western duel. Get off the X! Move! Get to safety as fast as possible. If you’re a competitor, there may be stages when you move then shοot, but there may be some that require shοts while moving, too.

When you’re moving, your upper body should be as still as possible so that your muzzle is stable and your shοts are accurate. Your movement should be below the waist. You’ll want to lower your base and use your knees as shock absorbers. Roll your feet heel-toe (or toe-heel if moving backwards) so that you glide across the ground smoothly.

If you are in a defensive situation (or even a competitive match) where you have to run, it may be more practical to get to cover and then stop and take the shοt when you can stabilize your muzzle and have better accuracy. Determine for yourself what is required of you in the situation, and ALWAYS follow the 4 Rules of Safety.

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