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Shooting Is A Family Affair

Families are a common sight at major matches around the country, and it is definitely on the incline as more vacations are planned around various match locations. We are very fortunate have several major matches to choose from through the year and plenty of wonderful destinations to explore.  This year I traveled to 3 destinations where families were spotted having a wonderful time on and off the range:

Frostproof Fl –Universal Shooting Academy only an hour from Orlando and Tampa

Raton NM- NRA Whittington Center is the destination.  Once you arrive you don’t want to leave.

Cave City KY- Rockcastle Shooting Center has a Lodge and Winery on site with tons of local attractions in addition to the golf course and ranges.

It is really cute to see little boys and girls with their plastic guns holstered up just like Mom and Dad. For many families they have built relationships and plan this time together year after year. Kimberly Christian, Stats Official for the Rocky Mountain 3 Gun has been working this match for 11 years says she always looks forward to coming back so she can see her shooting family and wouldn’t miss it.

This summer my did another round of travel that revolved around matches from Florida to New Mexico. We got to shoot, work and see our extended “shooting family” all summer. It is a lot of hard work but worth it!  Not only do my husband and I get to spend time with our teenage boys, but we have the opportunity to introduce them to awesome roles models who embody

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