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Shooting GSSF Indoor Match Pays Off for League City Member

Tuesday, March 31st was the last GSSF Indoor Match for the first quarter at The Arms Room. Five members from League City have been faithfully shooting the Glock match on the last Tuesday of each month for the last 6 months in hopes of winning the coveted Glock. All participants who shoot at least two matches in a quarter are entered to win a Glock firearm in a random drawing. Last night, their persistence paid off when Sara Jackets name was drawn to win the firearm. Congratulations to Sara! Congratulations to Tracy Hughes, Facilitator for the League City Chapter for her High Lady Award and Class B winner for the quarter. Cindy Scott, Debbie Vanderhoef, Andrea Penter and Tracy may not have won the Glock, but each of them are winners! Their scores and confidence have been steadily improving over the month, all while having some fun together on the range.

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