Setting Up Your Shooting Area

Setting Up Your Shooting Area

When you go to the range, it is important that you set up your shooting workspace to be safe and efficient. Set up your equipment properly and with good range etiquette, so everyone knows that you are safe and competent.

First, identify your safe direction, which is the backstop at the range, and place your closed pistol case on the bench so that your firearm is oriented towards it. Your AG & AG bench bag or pistol pouch has a muzzle indicator on the outside, so you can be confident that your muzzle is always pointed in a safe direction.

If you are at the range, you may have already put on your eye protection and hearing protection. You may also use a shooter’s towel to create a mat for your workspace.

Next, give your pistol the priority it deserves. Being very mindful of all of the Safety Rules, reach into your bench bag or pistol pouch and — with a straight trigger finger that is indexed along the frame — secure a proper grip on the pistol and lift it out of the bag. Place your pistol on your work surface with the ejection port facing up and your slide locked open.

If you are right handed, set your magazine to the left of your pistol so that your support hand can easily load it into the firearm when you are ready to shoot. If you are left handed, your magazine is set to the right side of your pistol. As a left-handed shooter, you may choose to orient the pistol with the ejection port facing down, so using a chamber flag informs everyone around that the pistol is clear of ammunition and in a safe state.

Keep your workspace clear of distractions and leave only the essentials: eye/hearing protection, pistol(s), magazines, ammunition, Uplula, shooter towel, chamber flag, snap caps, and your Shooting Journal.

In these videos, Tatiana walks you through the equipment so that you can be prepared for your practice session at the range:

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