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Quickly identify and decisively act on a threat. In this training video, you can learn the process of seeing a scenario, deciding which defensive tool to use, and then acting on her decision. You will learn how and when to deploy lethal, less-than-lethal and non-lethal options.

And then practice this split-second decision-making process at home with the IBDD Kit from the Complete Combatant!

The IBDD Kit includes:

  • * 1 Water resistant carry bag
  • * 5 IBDD business cards to pass out
  • * 1 Instruction booklet
  • * 1 “Options” cheat sheet
  • * 21 Image Based Decisional Drill IMAGE cards
  • * 1 STREAMLIGHT Microstream flashlight from HK USA (battery included)
  • * 1 Stream INERT TRAINING OC/Pepper Spray canister from POM Industries
  • * 1 Laminated “Simple Steps to Apply a Tourniquet” from Dr. Sherman House
  • * 1 Push button phone (prop only)
  • * 1 Roll of 1000 target pasters

You can also order the A Girl & A Gun Expansion Pack, which has 8 additional image cards. “These images give the student opportunities to use a variety of tools to gain time and distance to gather more information,” says Robyn Sandoval, Executive Director of A Girl & A Gun. “Some scenes prompt the student to use de-escalation techniques, while others require the deployment of a self-defense tool, and some simply call for a heightened state of situational awareness and analysis of future actions that may be needed under changing conditions.”

Perfect for your own mental acuity, perfect for important conversations with your family about situational awareness and family safety plans, and perfect for training with your lethal, less-than-lethal, and non-lethal defense tools.

And The Complete Combatant team has assembled drills and downloadables to help you in your training!

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Basic IBDD Kit, IBDD Kit with AG & AG Expansion Pack


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