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Dry Fire Fit Cards will help any shooter who wants to improve their speed, accuracy, and precision in a mobile 360 degree shooting environment.

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Dry Fire Fit Cards will help any shooter who wants to improve their speed, accuracy, and precision in a mobile 360 degree shooting environment. One problem with traditional dry fire training is that if you do the same dry fire training all the time, the mind learns to filter it out and the neural pathways don’t translate over to live fire.

The variety of exercises in Dry Fire Fit Cards and the multifaceted approach means that your mind will get enough variety to be stimulated and for growth to keep happening.

Dry Fire Fit Cards are designed to work best after a shooter has received SOME instruction from a qualified instructor…preferably an NRA, law enforcement, or military instructor with proper emphasis on safety and correct form.

This means that if you’ve trained at high end national schools like Frontsight, Gunsite, Suarez, Sig, ICE, Blackwater/Xe/Academi, Costa Ludas, Thunder Ranch, or any of the thousands of elite local trainers across the country, these cards will help drive home the lessons you paid to learn. Put another way, they’ll convert the techniques that you paid to learn and know in your head into skills that you can actually depend on under stress.

Fitness level

-I’m in horrible shape. Will Dry Fire Fit Cards work for me?
-I’ve got nerve/muscle issues that cause the shakes. Will Dry Fire Fit Cards work for me?
-I’m a world champion fitness guru. Will your Dry Fire Fit Cards work for me?
-I have a non-functional/amputated limb. Will your Dry Fire Fit Cards work for me?

Answer: Dry Fire Fit Cards are not dogmatic and users can alter the drills so that they are more or less challenging without compromising the benefits of the drills. As you find drills that work particularly good for you, I’d ask that you email them to me so that I can share them with others.

Every single person is going to have a performance ceiling. If you’ve got the shakes or are in your 80s and out of shape, your groups won’t be as fast, tight, and accurate as if you were in the best shape of your life, but the drills WILL still help you shoot better.

A lot of shooters that I know (my 77 year old mother included) can’t shoot as much as they like anymore because of hand and wrist pain, but still view their firearms as a primary self-defense tool. Dry Fire Fit is a perfect tool for people in this situation.

If you’re a fitness guru, think of these as the dry fire equivalent to workouts of the day.


-Are Dry Fire Fit Cards safe?
-Won’t I put a hole in my TV if I do dry fire?

In this day and age, nothing is safe. If you try to eat Dry Fire Fit Cards, you could choke, get indigestion, or some other crazy problem. You could get a paper cut from Dry Fire Fit Cards. If you roll a card up, you could probably shove it in your ear and do some pretty good damage. I’m not joking with these examples—simply highlighting how warped our society has become in regards to “safety” and blame. In short, they’re not safe and if that’s a concern, you probably shouldn’t buy them.

Using Dry Fire Fit Cards is another matter. By definition, dry fire training is responsible training with a weapon platform without any ammunition present or training, an inert weapon platform, or with a simulated weapon platform. You can still get hurt if you fall on it, trip and fall while doing a drill, etc. These drills are different than most dry fire drills. They include compromising positions, 360 degree movement, and drills that WILL push you to failure so you know your limits and can expand them. As a result, you CAN NOT use these cards with a firearm capable of firing live rounds. You MUST use an inert training platform and this, by definition, means that you can not have a negligent or accidental discharge.

Since these drills will push your limits on balance, strength, and joint stability, you must get approval from your medical professional before using them. You could easily get hurt if your mind/inner ear/body aren’t able to safely do the drills and it’s your responsibility to self-assess or work with your medical professional to assess your abilities. Don’t do any drills that you think could hurt you. You are responsible for anything that you do, including hurting yourself trying to do any of the drills.

When you order your Dry Fire Fit Cards, I’ll share a handful of quick resources with you for inert training platforms

Will Dry Fire Fit Cards work for revolvers?

Yes! The terminology used in Dry Fire Fit Cards is directed towards semi-automatic firearms shooters because that is what most people carry for self-defense purposes. Again, since the cards are fundamental and not dogmatic, they will work for revolvers as well as they work for semi-automatics.

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