Concealed Carry Essentials for Women


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Lay the foundation you need to have the confidence to be comfortable conceal carrying a gun in just 95 minutes.

The Importance Of A Good Grip
Learn the 4 gun safety rules
Learn a 5th bonus rule
How single stack vs double stack changes the grip
How your grip affects your trigger finger
Why you want to avoid using the first knuckle when you press the trigger
How your trigger finger can help indicate if the gun is a good fit for you
Why you want to eliminate movement in the hands of your grip
How comparing your grip to a butterfly will help you remember your proper grip
How to find your grip “sweet spot”
The 5 Count system to a perfect trigger press
How your support hand comes into play in your grip
How comparing your grip to a puzzle coming together will help you
Why it still is may be the right gun for you even if your thumb can’t reach the magazine release

Holster Options To Match Any Outing
Learn the best holster options for different situations
How to put on and choose bra holsters
Why you want a holster that covers the trigger
What a sticky holster is and the best times to use one
How to wear a holster without a belt
Purse carry options for different occasions
Why you want a dedicated pocket in your purse to conceal your gun
Range holsters with mag pouches
Why you want a conceal carry purse to have right and left handed zippers

Essential Skills You’ll Use Daily
Learn the 4 step process to properly holster draw
Why a “dry fire” is the best way to practice your holster draw
How to build up your muscle memory
Find out the three reasons why you have to rack the slide
How making a rainbow will help you remember how to rack the slide
Why the ‘slingshot’ technique will help avoid accidental malfunctions
The right way to show everybody that you have a safe and unloaded gun
How to use your powerhouse muscles to easily load the magazine
Why loading magazines is a lot like PEZ dispensers
What makes some magazines harder to load than others
How a LULA loader can make your life better
What to hear for when loading the magazine
The 2 ways you can load a round in the chamber
How to safely unload and store your gun

A Woman’s Perspective Into Gun Culture
What is causing more and more women to carry guns
The differences in training males and females
Why new male shooters may feel more comfortable with a female instructor
How the gun industry is rising to women’s needs
How much has changed for women in the gun industry over the last 5 years
How A Girl & A Gun was started
Problems AG&AG faced when starting out and how they have overcome them
How to help make new shooters unafraid of the gun
How you can compare your brain to a service dog
Why having different guns of the same caliber is useful
Why women should try out different firearms at the range before buying one
Why you shouldn’t listen to the person behind the counter at the gun store
Different holster options for different outfits
Why it’s important to budget in gun training
When to go to a specific training vs general skills and knowledge
Why it’s important for women to understand they need to take responsibility for their own personal safety
Why non-aggressive, goofy terms like rainbow and butterfly help women remember what to do better than standard terminology

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