Pumpkin Target


Must ship to physical address. No PO Boxes.



This fun and spooky target gives you limitless training opportunities!

Suggested drills for this target:

Beginner: Work on groupings within the pumpkins.
Intermediate: Focus on precision shots by hitting the ghosts. Keep consistent cadence with target transitions.
Advanced: Make a jack-o-lantern! Carve a face with rounds onto the large pumpkin! Call each shot.

Instructor points:

Smoothly press the trigger without disrupting the sights.
Target transitions vertically and horizontally help shooters move eyes, then muzzle.
Recoil management to quickly reacquire sights for follow-up shots.

Size Options:
Large target: 23″ x 35″
Small target: 17″ x 25″

Price Per Target
1-24: $2.16
25-99: $0.92
100-499: $0.66
500-999: $0.62
1,000+: $0.58

Bundles of fewer than 25 targets are not available on our website because shipping fees far outweigh the cost of the targets. AxleTargets.com also has a 25-target minimum, but their site allows you to mix-and-match targets if you want fewer than 25 of this design.

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions24 × 8 in

Large 23" x 35", Small 17" x 25"


25 Targets, 50 Targets, 100 Targets, 500 Targets, 1,000 Targets

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