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20¢ each. Sold in packs of 25.

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend with this take on the 5x5x5 drill. During the cowboy era, a common practice of exhibition shooters and pistoleros was shooting a playing card to demonstrate one’s skills.

Several instructors use this drill as a way to assess students, and students get to keep the card autographed by the instructor as a commemorative souvenir.

The drill is 5 shots at 5 yards in 5 seconds onto a playing card. All shots must be inside the black card outline.

The drill can be shot from low ready, or a holster (and concealment) for an additional challenge. For general skillbuilding try the 5 of Diamonds (4″ x 6″), or for more advance precision try the Ace of Spades (3″ x 4″)!

Facilitators can sell to students for up to $1 each.

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Dimensions6 × 9 × .75 in

5 of Diamonds (4×6), Ace of Spades (3×4)