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Training target perfect for the month of March. Drill ideas are endless:

Ken Hackathorn’s The Test: 10 rounds at 10 yards in 10 seconds. Can be shot from low ready or from the holster. Score the target by ring value; passing is 90. You’ll be pinch proof if you pass!

Bill Blowers’ Hateful 8: 8 rounds at 8 yards in 8 seconds — with 2 reloads. The goal is to keep all hits inside the 8 ring. The first magazine in the gun is loaded with 4 rounds; the next two are loaded with two rounds each. Course of Fire: Draw and fire 4 rounds. Slide lock reload and fire 2 rounds. Slide lock reload and fire 2 more rounds. You might need a 4-leaf clover in your pocket for this one!

Chuck Pressburg’s No Fail Shot: 1 shot at 25 yards in 3.5 seconds. Do it 10 times. Hits have to be in the 9 ring or better. Score the target by ring value; passing is 90. No room for shenanigans with this drill!

Instructor point: The target sizing is relevant to competition and defensive training. The B8 target is used in NRA-sanctioned bullseye events. It gets its name from being 8″ in diameter. The 9 ring is 5.54″, 10 ring is 3.36″ and the X ring is 1.695″ in diameter. This is important for defensive accuracy: the 9, 10 and X ring resemble the same size as the heart and vital arteries where impacts would have the greatest effect. Further, the 10 and X rings are 3.36″ in diameter and represent the area targeted when shooting for the brain stem. All of these anatomical dimensions are true from the side profile, as well. This AG & AG target includes multiple B8 targets, which is perfect for transition drills. It allows the shooter to work on the vertical and horizontal planes because in a dynamic self-defense incident a shooter might have to move her aiming point from the torso to the head, or even lower to the pelvic girdle to stop an advancing threat. Additionally, she might be faced with multiple attackers, so working target transitions to multiple targets is a valuable part of a practice session.

Size: 23″ x 35″

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Bundles of fewer than 25 targets are not available on our website because shipping fees far outweigh the cost of the targets. also has a 25-target minimum, but their site allows you to mix-and-match targets if you want fewer than 25 of this design.

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