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Training target perfect for the month of February. Drill ideas are endless:

Heart Casino Drill: 1 round in #1 heart, 2 rounds in #2 heart, 3 rounds in #3 heart, 4 rounds in #4 heart, 5 rounds in the #5 heart, then work back up the other side from 5 to 1 while managing reloads. See if you can run the drill in 20 seconds. For a couple’s duel, each person races down their side of the target! Bragging rights are on the line!

Instructor’s Choice: call out for students to engage… letters, numbers, phrases. Great transition drill!

Heart Torture: A Valentine’s twist on the Dot Torture. 5 rounds per heart at 3 yards varying strong hand, support hand, reloads.

Love Actually: Shoot for fun! Put one or two rounds in each heart focusing on precision and marksmanship!

Size: 23″ x 35″

Price Per Target
1-24: $2.16
25-99: $0.92
100-499: $0.66
500-999: $0.62
1,000+: $0.58

Bundles of fewer than 25 targets are not available on our website because shipping fees far outweigh the cost of the targets. also has a 25-target minimum, but their site allows you to mix-and-match targets if you want fewer than 25 of this design.

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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions24 × 8 in

25 Targets, 50 Targets, 100 Targets, 500 Targets, 1,000 Targets