Candyland Target


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This fun, colorful target gives you limitless training opportunities!

Suggested drills for this target:
Beginner: Follow the prompts in each square to complete the “path.”
Intermediate: Focus on precision shots by hitting the candy in the top corner of each square.
Advanced: Follow the prompts in each square and complete the path in 10 seconds.

Can you work the path backwards?

Instructor points:
Target transitions vertically and horizontally help shooters move eyes, then muzzle.
Focus on safely transitioning the firearm from one hand to the other, with trigger fingers far away from the trigger.
Recoil management to quickly reacquire sights for follow-up shots.
Address ammo management to make sure you have only 10 rounds in each mag.

Size: 23″ x 35″

Price Per Target
1-24: $1.35
25-99: $0.58
100-499: $0.41
500-999: $0.39
1,000+: $0.36

Bundles of fewer than 25 targets are not available on our website because shipping fees far outweigh the cost of the targets. also has a 25-target minimum, but their site allows you to mix-and-match targets if you want fewer than 25 of this design.

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions24 × 8 in

25 Targets, 50 Targets, 100 Targets, 500 Targets, 1,000 Targets

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