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Saf-T Trainers aka Dummy rounds are plastic training aids that allow you to easily dry-fire practice. They are the same shape as ammunition, but are completely inert, i.e., contains no primer, propellant, or explosive charge. They can be used for dry-fire training drills or to check weapon function.

Each pack contains 5 rounds

9mm come in yellow, all other calibers come in orange

Safety First!
Prepare your space every time you have a dry-fire session:
1. Make sure the gun is safely unloaded.
2. Remove all live ammunition from the practice area or room.
3. Ensure you have a safe direction to minimize potential injuries or property damage if a negligent discharge should occur. Create a safe direction by using a sandbag, shelf with books or magazines, a small Kevlar plate, or a ballistic material that can work as a safe direction. Place your target in the safe direction. Some people use a mirror to see themselves or a TV for moving targets.
4. Eliminate distractions as much as possible. You want to avoid practicing in the direction of interior rooms where other people may be. If you get a phone call or visitor to your space, STOP. Once the distraction is gone, return to Step 1. Using your safe direction, unload the gun. Check it twice to ensure that all ammunition has been ejected.
5. Once you have made the decision to stop the dry-fire session, STOP. Do not go back and do one more drill. Statistically, negligent discharges happen at the end of a dry-fire session. The distraction of cleaning up your area and transitioning dummy rounds with live ammo can get mixed up and before you know it, you shot the TV… or worse. Tom Givens of Rangemaster says to say out loud to yourself, “I’m done” and “The gun is now reloaded.”

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.22, .223, .380, .40, .45, 9mm


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