Ally One Portable Armor Insert


Turn your purse or bag into a shield for just $119 — an exclusive savings of $30 for AG & AG members!

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Ally One by Angel Armor is a portable and concealable shield that is always by your side. The convenient size and refined finish provide discreet protection for backpacks, briefcases, laptop bags and more. These armor panels are packed with ballistic protection, exceeding NIJ Level IIIA standards for multi-round handgun threats. With a rugged weatherproof seal, an ultra-thin design and unlimited applications, Ally One armored panels provide confidence in any situation.

Product Features
A concealable personal ballistic panel designed to defeat multi-round handgun threats and fit perfectly inside backpacks and purses.
– Convenient size provides transferable protection
– Performs against multiple shots
– Defends against the most prevalent threats, including 9mm and 44 MAG
– Easy care with a durable, weatherproof seal
– Ultra thin and lightweight design
– Refined finish for discreet applications

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Product Details
– Ballistic Rating: NIJ 0108.01 — Level IIIA
– Ballistic Coverage: 9×12″
– Finished Product Dimensions: 10.15 x 13.15″
– Weight: 0.85 lbs
– Thickness: 0.23″
– Materials: Durable ripstop nylon
– Finished Edge: Stitched and bound
– Structure: Semi-rigid