PopSockets Phone Stand


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The PopSockets Phone Stand is a revolutionary phone stand and phone holder that pops out and then snaps back flat. Not only are Pop Sockets extremely handy as a media stand, but they are also great for way to get brand exposure every time someone takes out their phone.

PopSockets media stands can not only be used for watching movies on your smartphone, but they can also be adjusted for video chats or used as a grip for texting and taking better selfies.

The special adhesive gel that attaches the stand to the phone is not only repositionable, but also rinseable and doesn’t leave residue on your phone.


A PopSockets Phone Stand sticks flat to the back of your phone, tablet or case with its rinsible, repositionable gel.
Once extended, the PopSockets become a media stand for your device, a photo or texting grip, or lower it for a video chat.
The back of anyone’s phone is a great place to show off your love of AG & AG, and the best part is that PopSocketsĀ® can be used on any type of phone.


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