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Inside of Real World Gunfight Training I (Mike Ox, the author) will be sharing with you 18 secrets to help you get more traffic into your funnels.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll discover inside of your free copy of this new book:
In chapter 1, we’re going to go through a neurological drill that has improved speed + accuracy an AVERAGE of 20% (in minutes) in the 1,000+ shooters I’ve used it with in live training. (Once you know it, you can use it any time you go to the range. I do it every morning.)

It will improve your ability to automatically deliver the sights to a point between your dominant eye and your intended target.

This is a quick taste of how this book is unlike any other gun training book you’ve read.

​In chapter 2, I’m going to tell you a little bit about my backstory–multiple concussions, chronic illness, vision issues, vertigo, and the pain that caused/allowed this training to happen. I’d rather get straight into the “how-to” than tell you about myself, but this is a case where seeing what I’ve overcome has inspired thousands, changed lives, and it’s worth covering.

In chapter 3, we’ll look at context and the 6 Attack Factors that are consistently present in cases where people defend themselves with a firearm…particularly counter-ambush and counter-assault situations. If your training is missing any of these factors, the simple fact is that you aren’t as prepared to defend yourself or a loved one with a firearm as you think you are.

You’ll get a better understanding of what causes stress in a gunfight and how you can incorporate elements at home, alone, that will get you ready for real world situations, force-on-force, or competition.

Once you’ve seen this, you’ll realize just how big the gap is between how we train and how we expect to perform…and why we need to train smarter.
In chapter 4, we’ll cover the Achilles’ heels of military and law enforcement training–these are shortcomings that consistently filter into civilian self-defense and competition classes. It’s vital that you are able to identify these shortcomings and have workarounds, regardless of your profession, if you want to perform better with a firearm under stress.

The traditional answer is to throw additional training time and money at the problem, but, as you’ll find out, that is not a practical solution.

You’ll learn how up to 90% of skill fades away within 6 weeks of a 2-day training as well as a training modification that cut the number of rounds of ammo needed to perform at an elite level in surprise attacks by an unbelievable 99.4%!.
In chapter 5, we’ll cover where skills need to be stored in the brain so we have access to them under stress.

The way most firearms training is done creates skill that we need to think our way through.

We need life-saving skills to be hardwired into the parts of the brain that we’ll have access to under stress…so the skills are automatic.

​Chapter 6 covers the 9 keys of accelerated learning for learning and training physical skills, like self-defense pistol, that you want to be able to perform at a high level under stress when lives depend on your performance.

You’ll learn one easy middle-of-the-night change that will increase the rate that you learn gun skills by 40%! That means 40% more value from every class you take and every trip to the range. It’s HUGE.

You’ll learn how to “dose” your training so that you add JUST the right amount of challenge to maximize fun and skill development.

You’ll learn how fast, frequent training beats the snot out of long, marathon training when you’re trying to learn or refine skill…AND when it makes sense to stretch things out.

I’ll share simple, easy things you can do before, during, and after any future live training you do that will dramatically increase how much skill you’re able to retain from the class. (This should be required for any class that costs more than $100 to attend)
​Chapter 7 is going to blow your mind and is unlike anything you have ever seen in firearms training before.

I’m going to introduce you to the 3 neurological pillars of elite performance. Although almost entirely unknown and unused by all but the best of the best shooters in the world, these 3 pillars will increase the effectiveness of all training that you do moving forward!

I’ll share how I help shooters get 10-20% (instant) increases in grip intensity, reductions in perceived pain, and quicker reaction and response times with simple/quick/easy neurological drills.
​In Chapter 8 & 9 we’ll cover how to put it all together as well as a sample sequence of drills.

You’ll have a chance to try an amazing hack that will add almost unlimited variety to your training (which is one of the keys to accelerated learning) and take your skills from being fragile range skills to resilient real-world skills.

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