Eversafe Backpack


Eversafe is an indestructible bag that secures your valuables while you’re on the go. Add on an optional Cable SafeDock to give you more flexibility and peace of mind.

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Eversafe is a portable safe. The fabric is virtually cut-proof, waterproof, and reinforced with several features. It has security system that allows you to “dock” your safe to a surface or object.

A Girl & A Gun set includes:
• 1x Secure Backpack
• 1x SafeDock Base (inside backpack)
• 2x SafeDocks (mounted into vehicle or other location to secure backpack base to dock)
Retail $436 plus shipping, AG & AG price $295 including shipping

optional add-on:
• Cable SafeDock (portable dock that allows the backpack to be secured to any object)
Retail $56, AG & AG price $25

Wendy gives you an in-depth tour of the Backpack and Messenger Bag in this video:

The quantity promotion has ended. Pricing has gone up $30 from the video. Mainly shipping charges.

Eversafe® is a unique patented Secure Portable Encasement System consisting of a secure bag that locks down to the universal Eversafe® SafeDock®. SafeDocks® can secure to floors, walls or even the trunk of a car, or floor of a van, or bed of a pick-up. For those times you aren’t in those locations you can use the built-in strap locks or use the portable dock with a cable that secures the bag to just about anything.