Moonstruck Leather Cross Body Carry Bag

MoonStruck Leather Smooth Cross Body Carry Bag



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Product Description

Silky smooth top grain leather makes a wonderful conceal and carry bag. Created for the busy woman, this beauty is smaller than the full size concealment purses, measuring 11 inches tall x 10 inches wide. Adjust the 1 x 27 inch matching reinforced strap from shoulder to cross body carry by simply moving the slide to your desired length. The concealed pocket is 7 1/2 inches tall at the zipper opening and 8 inches deep.

Your handgun fits securely in the zippered concealment pocket on the back of the purse for quick and easy access. Due to its size, this bag is for small frame handguns such as pocket pistols and small revolvers.

These handy little bags come in a variety of colors and leather designs with complimenting colored fabric lining and a handy interior pocket for your cell phone and pen.

Handcrafted by MoonStruck Leather in Texas USA.

A Word About Purse Carry

Kathy Jackson, a Director of our AG & AG Leadership Development Program, says:

If it doesn’t have either a built-in holster, or a velcro liner to hold a holster, it isn’t a concealed carry purse. It’s just a purse with an extra pocket. And while the pistol should definitely *NEVER* *EVER* be carried in the main compartment of the purse, having an extra compartment does not (all by itself) turn the purse into a concealed carry purse, or into a good place to carry the gun.

Every concealed carry purse should include:
1) A “holster” (or some other gizmo) that specifically covers the trigger and the entire trigger guard area, one that:
2) Holds the gun securely and will *ALWAYS* *KEEP* the trigger securely covered no matter how much you might fling the purse around or shift it upside down as you juggle groceries; and that will
3) Hold the gun in the same orientation all the time, so that when you reach into the compartment you will *definitely* get your hand on the handle and not on any other part of the gun.

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