Bench Bag


A pistol case that can hold accessories, such as your eyewear, hearing protection, Uplula, and spare magazines. See features, below.

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Made to order. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

This perfect-sized bag is just what you need for a crowded Girl’s Night Out or quick trip to the range. It is a pistol case with small areas to hold accessories, such as your eyewear, hearing protection (earplugs or low-profile muffs), Uplula, and spare magazines. Simply park your bigger range bag, pull out your Bench BagTM and box of ammo, and then head to the bench.
• Heavy-duty nylon
• Water-treated fabric
• Double-stitched quality
• 1/2″ foam interior padding
• Inner elastic sew-ins for 4 mags
• D-ring/zipper for lock
• Muzzle indicator
• Tactical grey and your choice of 3 colors
• AG & AG logo
• 12″ x 7.5″
• 2-3″ wide accessory area
• Handmade in the USA
You can also order this bag as a “Square Case,” which means that the exterior walls also include 1/4″ foam, so that you could carry up to 3 pistols in the bag. Note: Only the central area has a Velcro enclosure, but you could carry a second pistol instead of accessories, or a third instead of magazines.
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Bench Bag (1 Gun+Accessories), Square Case (Exterior Foam Padding)


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