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It’s More Than Shooting!

Mindset is everything.

Do you agree?

Being aware of both your thoughts and emotions and then being able to control or regulate them is foundational to living a satisfying and successful life. Without self-awareness and self-regulation your mindset can get hijacked by your emotions or even other people’s actions.

How well do you do at being self-aware and self-regulating?

Want to find out?

Of course, you do and here’s your opportunity! Join our “Mindset Master” certification led by Kelley Moore (affectionately known as AG & AG’s Head Trash Coach!)

This yearlong, “It’s More Than Shooting” certification kicks-off May 25 @ 7pm CDT, via Zoom for 90 minutes and meets the second Wednesday @ 7pm CDT each month for 12 months with a graduation ceremony at conference 2023 where you will be honored and recognized as an AG & AG Mindset Master™️.

What is a Mindset Master™️?

Mindset Masters™️ impeccably prepare to be their best under stress – technically, mentally, and emotionally. They know how to be their best during the most important moments and greatest challenges of their lives. You can learn to be your best when it counts the most, too. During the most important events in your life are you relaxed and confident, or anxious and fearful? The more you gain control of your thoughts – and emotions and mindset – and technically prepare when going into an important or challenging situation, the more likely you are to create the best outcome.

Think about the following scenarios. How profound of an effect do you think the right mindset would have in each situation? What would be the most important thoughts or emotions when:

  1. Leading a meeting or making a presentation?
  2. Arriving at work?
  3. Arriving at home?
  4. Resolving a conflict with someone you love?
  5. Resolving a conflict at work?
  6. Asking for a raise?
  7. Managing a critical self-defense incident?

AG & AG Mindset Master™️ certification is a 1 year masterclass that provides an in-depth understanding of your unique mindset and equips you with tools to increase self-awareness, conquer limiting beliefs, build a supportive BOS (Belief Operating System), manage your emotions under pressure, and shift the way you think about challenges, changes, and choices.