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Join us for 3 days at the beautiful Whittington Center and get training for 3-gun! 3GU is a retreat-style event for a small group of participants at the beautiful NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico. This retreat is right on the heels of our National Conference in Grand Junction CO, so if you are looking for an add on to your trip or can’t attend Conference but can jump into this event, it is a wonderful experience!

Instructors: Cindy Coker & Ursula Williams

Requirements to attend:

• Current AG & AG Member (retreats are a perk of membership!)
• Have your own guns and gear appropriate for Multigun Sports (shotgun loaner available)
• For the “Newer 3Gunner” that has previously attended a 3GU event, Fall Fest or has competed in local multigun matches.

What to Expect:

• 3 natural terrain stages utilizing Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun (no PCC division).
• It is not uncommon to walk up to 100 yards from the parking area to the stage. Having an appropriate gear bag, and being prepared to take only what you need is very important for time management.
• You will be slinging guns, going prone, running, using various barricades, ramps, and structures.
• Pistol shots have been known to push 50 yards, rifle shots out to 700, and sometimes clays fly!
• Elevation is 6500 ft above sea level so we are careful to take care of ourselves and avoid altitude sickness.
• There are wild animals about. It is not uncommon to see deer and turkeys wandering through a stage and passing by housing in the morning and evening where you can look at them in all their glory. Snakes have been seen on occasion, RO staff is really good about watching for them. There are also bears that will disturb trash cans at night and on occasion mountain lions have taken small dogs. All part of being in nature and again we are very careful.
• You will have the best dang time and fall in love with Whittington Center!


May 4 Welcome Dinner & Registration
May 5 clinic & Stage
May 6- 5 clinic & Stage
May 7- 5 clinic & Stage
May 8- Check out

Event Fee: $357

• Facility Fees
• Swag Bag
• 3GU Instruction and Coaching


The NRA Whittington Center is without a doubt is one of the finest shooting complex in the nation. Its 33,000 acres nest among the scenic western mountains and high mesa country of New Mexico. While staying at the Whittington Center, you’ll anticipate the unscheduled early morning and evening escapades of the bear, deer, elk and antelope that call the Whittington Center home.

Participants must provide their own transportation to and from the NRA Whittington Center as well as during the event.

The three closest airports are:
• Colorado Springs Airport – 2 hours 21 minutes/150.71 miles to Raton, NM
• Albuquerque Airport – 3 hours 22 minutes/232.88 miles to Raton, NM
• Denver Airport – 3 hours 40 minutes/236.50 miles to Raton, NM

Housing available at Whittington Center:
There are several other events overlapping our event. As of now RV and competitor housing is available first come first service starting February 1, 2022
Competitor housing $65 per night with amenities that include a kitchenette and community bathrooms, you will need your own towels, blow dryer, etc. Bedding is provided. Rooms are 2 twin beds with footlockers for storage

Recommended Hotels in Raton:
•Holiday Inn Express
•Best Western