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Ruger LCP Max: More Capacity, Features, and Shootability

By Alexandra Nikolov, Las Vegas NV Chapter

I have had many clients bring in the LCP and the LCP II over the years and while I did appreciate the loyalty to the brand, it just wasn’t a good fit for my hand, I was looking forward to handling and shooting this new and improved version.

The new LCP MAX comes standard with a flush fit 10 round magazine, and a finger grip extension floorplate. It was quick and easy to switch the extension out and it does increase the comfort and effectiveness of the grip. The 12-round magazine is available on (You even get a discount when your register your new gun – how cool is that?)  I bought two of the 12 round magazines as they yielded the best grip for me.

The new LCP MAX is under 1” wide and under 11oz. The slide and barrel are the same size as the prior model, but with added features and up to twice the magazine capacity. The grip frame is slightly extended, and the corners rounded.  The softened slide and frame edges can reduce printing. Add the included pocket holster and it just blends right into a pocket.

I love the highly visible steel sights that come standard; the tritium front sight is easy to see in all light conditions and the flat edged dove tailed rear sights are efficient for racking the slide on a belt buckle or pocket if I had to with one hand. The raised cocking ears make the slide super comfortable to grasp and rack. It has a reversible magazine release which is a great added feature if you are a lefty.

Some of the other new features include:

  • An ergonomically contoured grip distributes recoil, making shooting more comfortable and reduces printing when legally concealed, along with softened slide and frame edges.
  • A secure action trigger with a short, smooth clean break and positive reset
  • Patented barrel cam geometry which reduces felt recoil.

The owner’s manual is very descriptive and easy to follow with clear instructions, information and great visuals.  The manual also directs you to an online video demonstrating the disassembly and reassembly which can be viewed by going to

I went to the website and found it along with a great deal of other informational and well put together videos. I took it apart easily to clean and found the whole experience very user friendly, “how do I clean my gun” is a question I get from many of my clients, and I think Ruger did a great job of making it consumer friendly and doable.

The first range session was for test fire and break-in. I fired 30 rounds with zero failures, and my first impression was how good it felt in my hands, as smaller guns are often uncomfortable to grip.  The standard 10 round magazine was good, but the 12 round mag was perfect, I really enjoyed how comfortable the recoil was, the visibility of the sights and the layout of the controls. Next time out I put 50 rounds through it with Blazer 95 grain FMJ ammo and again found it to cycle perfectly and to be accurate at 3,5,7 yards.

I think Ruger hit it out of the park on this one, and I feel fortunate to have had the chance to review it. I really enjoy this gun and it will become part of my legal every day carry plan.

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