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Review: Shooter Make Ready Dry-Fire Training Tool

I recently had the opportunity to demo a product from one of our newest vendor partners, Accelerated Firearm Training.  They have a unique dry fire training tool that is for any shooter skillset level.  What makes this tool unique is the targets that simulate real steel plates, poppers, and silhouettes.  Along with the neat visuals on the targets, you experience the gratifying sound of the “clang” as you connect to the targets successfully, along with real-life shot timer sound effects.  When I performed the demo on it, I had so much fun.  I couldn’t put it down and my husband and I ended up spending the entire evening playing with it in the comfort of our living room!

To get started, you’ll need a laser training pistol, a plug-in module for the training pistol, the special targets, and the Shooter Make Ready app on your phone.  I used a SIRT 110, but refer to their website for other applicable options. 

The set-up was easy, with the app automatically connecting to the targets – much like ‘plug and play’.  Under the Settings screen, I enabled the options to turn on real-life Range Officer commands that execute before the timer goes off.  That made my heart pump a bit, just like it does at the range right before the timer goes off.  However, it did seem like real life having it enabled and made me focus more on training vs just playing around.

There are several Course of Fire options including Steeling Training, Saturday Steel, React, Friend or Foe, and Practical Shooting.  Each one was unique, making for hours of entertaining training.  I rotated through each of them several times and was never bored or felt un-challenged. 

As I proceeded through the training, I could visibly see where my shots land on the target.  It was very easy to see the bright red display on the targets no matter what time of the day.  The only time I had an issue was when direct sunlight hit them.  I failed to capture a picture of the targets showing what it looked like after I made a hit but did before the round started for one of the courses of fire below. 

As I executed the course of fire, the Shot Timer was capturing the overall scoring for each training shot fired and provided an overall summary of the completed course of fire.  As I got lazy and was just playing to play, it showed up in my scoring.  Jerking the trigger or bad sight alignment resulted in poor scores proving this is truly a good training tool. 

Shooter Make Ready is a great training tool and I do recommend it.  It certainly gives you a different avenue to train outside of the typical dry firing. Since Accelerated Firearms is a vendor partner of AG & AG, members received 10% off their purchase which helps with the cost of investing in this valuable training tool. 

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