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Remora Holsters Product Review

Review By Teresa Redden, Southern Indiana Chapter of A Girl & A Gun:

We know how much you like being able to carry your pistol for protection, but do you take the extra effort to carry it on your person? The excuses women come up with are certainly valid, such as not being able to dress in tactical gear all the time (as much as we may like to) and wearing dresses during the hot summer months. Now you can have the best of both worlds with the thigh strap addition to a concealment holster from Remora.

Remora Holsters offers a wide range of concealment holsters for pretty much every pistol you can think of. In fact, the fitment chart is an astonishing eighteen pages long. Here are some important words of wisdom; Call Remora before ordering your holster. The website is self explanatory, but each gun can have subtle nuances that can change the size of the holster you should order. I found this out the hard way when I ordered a thigh strap attachment and holster for my Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm. The website said Series 11 IWP Holster is what would fit the Smith & Wesson, so I just added a thigh strap and full sweat shield, letting them know it was for a right-handed shooter.

When my package arrived and I saw the size of the holster, I did not try it for a couple of weeks. Finally, I did figure out how to attach the strap and adjust it on my thigh, even though I had to fold part of the sweat shield under to get it to conform to my leg. The first day of wear was under an ankle-length skirt, and I wore it for a full day. I did adjust it a few times during the day to make sure that it was still concealed. Even with the holster having the extra sweat guard, I did enjoy being able to wear my firearm, and no one could even tell that I had it on.

Realizing that that I should not have ordered a full sweat shield, I still was very excited at what this holster could mean for women everywhere who desired another type of concealment. My phone call to Remora confirmed that better choices could have been made in ordering the holster. I spoke with Pauleen, and she suggested that since my gun barrel was 4-1/4 inches long, the Series 10 Holster would be a better fit. She also said to get Remora’s 3-in-1 Holster that comes with an ankle strap and the ability to be used in a pants pocket. You do have to add on a thigh strap with the 3-in-1 Holster, and when you do that, Pauleen stated you can put the ankle and thigh strap together to make a belly band, thus expanding your concealment options even more. The holster works better if you order a partial sweat shield instead of a full shield.

Learn from my mistakes and do yourself a favor and order a 3-in-1 Concealment Holster from Remora. Remember to only get a partial sweat shield and add on the thigh strap. Think of the fun and freedom you will feel being able to wear a cool summer dress or skirt while still being able to carry your firearm on your person. You will know the holster is on your thigh, but it is not a hindrance. Personally, I like feeling my firearm on my person because it reminds me that there are some places, by law, where a firearm is not allowed, such as government offices. If you just toss your pistol in your purse, there is a chance you may inadvertently take it someplace that it is not welcome, and we do not want that to happen to anyone.

Remora is one of the vendors for AG&AG, so be sure and find out the current promotion being offered. Remora Holsters can be ordered by calling directly (239) 434-7200.  If you want to talk to Pauleen for fitment advice, her extension is #301. The website is

Remora Holster Review

Teresa Redden is an entrepreneur, wife and mother of five children, long-time Mary Kay Cosmetics gal, and graduate of Bachelors of Business Management. She enjoys discovering cool self defense products and showing women how to use them to feel safer. Teresa LOVES to shoot!

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