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Personalizing Your Gun’s Finish

by Jim Majoros, President of AG & AG Vendor Partner Viktor’s Legacy Custom Gunsmithing LLC

Are you interested in personalizing the finish of your gun? Fortunately, there are many options, from “old school” finishes such as hot salt bluing and Parkerizing, to modern new coatings. Changing the finish is an exciting way to make your gun reflect something about you.

There is an array of coating finishes on the market that range from the “do it yourself” variety to “don’t try this at home”! One of the most common “do it yourself” finishes involves simple spray paints found at your local hardware store. They come in a multitude of colors and can be easily removed if you get bored with your “custom” job. This type of finish is not firearm specific, and does not have the durability of gun-specific finishes.

The next level “up” is a coating that is specifically designed for use with guns, such as DuraCoat. DuraCoat comes in a variety of colors, and stencils are available for creating interesting patterns and designs. The product is two parts, a hardener and the actual “paint” and multiple light coats of paint should be applied to the gun. Avoid applying too much DuraCoat on the mating parts of your gun, otherwise the mating parts will not go back together properly.

Some words of caution for “do-it-yourselfers”: if you feel the need to decorate your own gun, remember: make sure the gun is unloaded, clear your work area, and remove any ammo from your work room. Make sure you account for all parts by keeping them together. If you have a problem reassembling your gun, make sure you have all the parts; put them in a plastic bag; and take them to your local gunsmith for reassembly- and don’t be embarrassed, he or she has seen it before!

The most durable firearm finishes, such as Tuff Coat, Moly Coat and Cerakote, are baked on. These finishes require the skills of a trained professional who is competent in firearms disassembly and reassembly; and who is certified or experienced in the application of durable coatings, using professional equipment.

Cerakote is what we use at my shop. It is a ceramic coating that is tough, durable, highly solvent resistant and extremely rust-resistant. It can be applied to plastic, wood, metal and polymer- the only thing it won’t work on the way it should is rubber, and even then you can get decent results. This creates options for decorating other items like Kydex holsters, car parts, tools, etc.

Cerakote comes in approximately 150 different colors which can be custom mixed to achieve whatever color you may want. Thousands of patterns are available, from all types of camo, to skulls, to flowers! If you can imagine it, it can be done!

There are myriad options for customizing your gun! Changing the look of your gun is a fun way to put your unique spin on it!

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  1. I love the customizations I can done on my guns at Viktors Legacy! From custom paint to specialty triggers and specialized sights… It’s my one stop place for anything after I buy the gun. And if you are into 3 gunning it only makes sense that your 3guns should match, right? Thank you Viktors! You guys are great to work with :)

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