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One-Handed Shooting

While shooting with a two-handed grip is ideal, there are many times when a shooter may have to shoot with one hand.


Sometimes a stage’s course of fire will require one-handed shooting. Many shooters cringe when they are presented this requirement; however, strong-hand only is a great secret weapon if practiced often to give you an edge in match points.

Self-Defense & Concealed Carry

Unlike competition shooting, one-handed shooting is a common and very important skill set for self-defense and concealed carry.

You may be holding the hand of a child or loved one in your support hand while your strong hand has to do work with the gun alone. Dog leashes, baby carriers, one-trip-wonder grocery bag carriers, car keys, etc. almost always occupy one of your two hands. Leave your strong hand free and clear of “stuff” so that it is available to be put to work with the firearm if needed.


Shooting with only one hand can feel awkward at first. With some experience and good technique, many shooters are surprisingly accurate. Because one-handed shooting feels so foreign, it forces you to slow down, assertively grip the gun, focus intently on your sights, and smooth out your trigger press. As a result, you are forced to dial in on the core fundamentals of shooting.

Your stance and posture are critical to supporting recoil for one-handed shooting. You may have to turn slightly to stabilize the gun under recoil. Malfunctions are also common when you first begin shooting one handed. Keep a tight grip with a straight wrist to ensure that the slide of the pistol cycles or the gun will fail to complete the operating cycle.

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