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Officers Attend 6th Annual ‘Back the Women in Blue’ Event Presented by GLOCK

ROUND ROCK, TX ( — A Girl & A Gun (AG & AG) Women’s Shooting League hosted its 6th ‘Back the Women in Blue’ law enforcement training event presented by GLOCK from October 12-15, 2022, at the Round Rock Public Safety Training Center. The student group comprised 16 female officers from around the country, who had been nominated by citizens or colleagues in their home communities as deserving of this experience.

“Not only are we able to provide quality training for these incredible women, but we are also able to connect mentors and friends that can support each other in their work and personal journeys,” said AG & AG President & CEO Robyn Sandoval. “This event truly exhibits the A Girl & A Gun motto of ‘It’s More Than Shooting’ and we are honored to give back to these brave and caring public servants.”

Chief Allen Banks of the Round Rock Police Department welcomed the officers to his training facility and the city of Round Rock, which is just north of Austin, TX. The officers — ten who serve municipalities and six who serve counties — were excited to learn from the skilled instructors of the RRPD at its incredible state-of-the-art facility. Sgt. Brian Quick structured the training schedule to start on the range with pistol and rifle drills.

“Sometimes you take a training course, and you leave retaining one piece of good information. Then you take A Girl & A Gun sponsored training course and you return to your law enforcement duties with skills that will save a life and make you truly reflect on how important it is to train with your firearm,” said Sgt. Nichole Brimhall of the Elgin (TX) Police Department.

On the second day of training, officers used simunition and force-on-force drills in and around vehicles. They were able to perform scenarios that are common to situations they may face at home. Later that day, the officers rappelled off the seven-story tower. They learned new skills with courage and tenacity.

“I came away from this training with renewed purpose and confidence. That sort of thing can’t really be bought. I can’t thank everyone involved enough,” said Officer Cynthea Gunderson of the Crested Butte (CO) Marshal’s Office.

With financial support from GLOCK, ammunition provided by Federal Premium, and donations from AG & AG local chapters, AG & AG was able to provide the the training materials, range fees, hotel, and all meals for the officers. Each officer also received a participant bag with donated swag from Streamlight, Blue Force Gear, Seal 1, Holosun, and USCCA.

“Between the laid back environment, the excellent instruction, and phenomenal training facility, this was the best post-academy experience I’ve received so far. It impresses me that an organization like A Girl & A Gun with its sponsors was able to put on this event and create much needed support for women in law enforcement,” said Officer Lindsey Baker of the Hanover County (VA) Sheriff’s Office.

The final day of training focused on defensive tactics. Officers went to the mats to learn physical techniques to help them safely perform their duties. They were able to learn from two exceptional female instructors, which made the training environment fun, approachable, and successful.

“A Girl & A Gun is such an incredible organization. The ‘Back the Women in Blue’ event gives females in law enforcement the chance to become more confident in skills that could save their life one day. I was honored to be a part of such an event,” said Officer Falynn Monk of the Nacogdoches (TX) Police Department.

AG & AG hosts ‘Back the Women in Blue’ for female law enforcement officers each autumn, as well as many competitive matches and civilian training events throughout the year. For more information, visit

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