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Officers Attend 4th Annual ‘Back the Women in Blue’ Presented by SIG SAUER

ROUND ROCK, TX — A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG & AG) hosted twelve law enforcement officers for the 4th Annual ‘Back the Women in Blue’ Presented by SIG SAUER. The event took place Sept 9-11, 2020, in at the Round Rock Public Safety Training Center. Participants included female officers, deputies, and a trooper representing large municipalities, rural counties, and state agencies from eight different states.

“Our home is your home,” said Chief Allen Banks, who welcomed the officers to the City of Round Rock. “We want you to enjoy your time here and leave equipped to better serve your communities.” The RRPD Training Department gave the ‘Back the Women in Blue’ attendees a cross-section of training to enhance the skills that they use on the job. Officers enjoyed their time at RRPD’s state-of-the-art facility with the department’s exceptional leadership and training teams.

Day One featured live-fire training with pistol performance drills in light and low-light environments using ammunition from SIG SAUER, flashlights from SureFire, and targets from Action Target. Day Two began with defensive tactics training on the mats, and ended with building tactics in the RRPD training village. Day Three began with vehicle scenarios using Simunitions, and culminated with officers reppelling off of the five-story tower.

The twelve officers that attended were each nominated by someone in her community as a public servant deserving of this opportunity. With generous contributions from Title Sponsor SIG SAUER, the Round Rock Police Department, and AG & AG chapters throughout the country, all of the expenses were covered for each officer, including training, meals, and lodging for the three-day event.

“The ladies that came together for this training are some of the best female officers that I have ever met,” said Sgt. Kat Silvia of the Dallas Police Department, who was one of the event attendees. “We often have a hard time in this male-dominated profession, but these women are great examples for female officers everywhere.”

AG & AG hosts ‘Back the Women in Blue’ for female law enforcement officers each September, as well as many competitive matches and civilian training events throughout the year. For more information, visit

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