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New Glitter 3 Gun Shirts

If you want a little sparkle with your 3 gun, then don’t miss our new shirts and tanks. The design features a bold “AG & AG” with the silhouettes of a shotgun, a rifle, and a pistol women shooters. Sparkly stars climb up and out to give it a dramatic effect.

This V-neck style offers a change from a typical tee, but is high enough to protect against hot brass at the range. The anvil tank is great for sunny days when you’re out and about.

And just for fun — we’ve added a Mystery Shirt to our store! We’ve found ourselves with a bunch of misplaced high-quality tees with awesome designs. They’ve just been accidentally separated from the rest of their pack and need a new home! When you order a mystery shirt, you’ll get an AG & AG shirt in your requested size, but you won’t know what’s coming in the mail. It will be like Christmas morning or your birthday to open the box to see what tee is inside. Take a chance!

As always, members of A Girl & A Gun get an additional $5 off all shirts and hats! Learn more about membership benefits at

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