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A New Champion Emerges: 3rd Quarter Match Results

AUSTIN, TX — A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League proudly announces the winners of the 3rd Quarter 2016 League Match. This quarter’s course of fire included 30 rounds total at an AG & AG logo’d target #2 at 30 feet (10 yards). This is a Limited Vickers match with no more than 10 rounds per string. Use only .22 caliber rifles with no scopes, laser sights, or red dots. Begin at a low ready with finger outside of the trigger guard. Shots were fired in this order:

  • String 1 – Load 10 rounds. Shoot 5 shots at the large green circle. Shoot 5 shots at the large blue circle. (If needed, reloading will be done off the timer.)
  • String 2 – Load 10 rounds. At the shaded green square in the top left hand corner, shoot two rounds. At the shaded blue square in the top right hand corner, shoot two rounds. At the green bordered square in the lower left hand corner, shoot three rounds. At the blue bordered square in the lower right hand corner, shoot three rounds. (If needed, reloading will be done off the timer.)
  • String 3 – Load 10 rounds. In any order, shoot each of the ten green and blue dueling plates once. (If needed, reloading will be done off the timer.)

After five consecutive wins, Cheryl Fordyce of Tallahassee was dethroned by a new champion, Lisa Tripp of Troy, OH. Lisa had a time of 21.19 seconds. Our youth winner is Becca Martin also from Troy, OH, with a time of 25.34 seconds. Doc Mayer from Beaumont, TX, won our facilitator category with a score of 22.84. The winner of the gift card awarded to one random participant for every 50 participants is Paula Wasko, from Ft Wayne, IN.

Registrations included 60 shooters from 19 chapters. The complete list of winners includes:

Aiken, SCNancy Grunnett$ 28.00
Albuquerque, NMSherry Gutierrez$ 28.00
Austin, TXDenise White$   7.00
Centennial, COStephanie Stubert$ 14.00
Dayton, OHMelissa Russell$   7.00
Flowery Branch, GAJonette Gowan$ 28.00
Ft. Wayne, INMorgan Wellman$ 21.00
Melbourne, FLSamantha Brengard$ 14.00
Montgomery County, PADanby Paterson$ 21.00
New Braunfels, TXKimmy Gross$   7.00
Obetz, OHJoy Bachman Rodgers$ 35.00
Osseo, MNKelly Sobon$ 21.00
Richfield, WIAnn Valier$ 14.00
Richmond, VACandy Dawson$ 42.00
San Antonio, TXMerrilynn Contreras$ 21.00
Snook, TXLauri Anderson$   7.00
St. Louis, MONita Fisher$ 14.00
Tallahassee, FLCheryl Fordyce$ 21.00
Troy, OHLisa Tripp$ 14.00

About the Quarterly Match

The Quarterly Match is a nationwide competition among members of A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League. Facilitated during a regularly scheduled event, such as a Girl’s Night Out, shooters are able to experience a competitive atmosphere: understanding the course of fire, match commands, operation of the shot timer, and scoring. The match allows new shooters to overcome mental barriers to participating in competitive shooting and gives experienced shooters the ability to test their skills in a casual, familiar environment. Winners of the match receive cash prizes based on the number of participants, and of course, bragging rights among the chapters. Learn more at

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