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My First IDPA Match

By Heather Kies, Newington CT Chapter:

The Live Free or Die IDPA State Championship was my very first sanctioned match.  The thought of competing with those who regularly travel, shoot state matches and champions in their division had me very nervous.  I have only been shooting IDPA since April of 2013 and just classified in August.  I even brought my husband with me for moral support so I did not feel like I was alone.  I had the opportunity to be on a squad in which I knew everyone from shooting at other matches and the ladies were also AG&AG club members.  Everyone on the squad were receptive and helpful, providing tips on the stage(s) and answering my questions.  The NH state championship was an awesome opportunity to test myself and get experience in larger matches.  Pioneer Sportsmen put on an excellent match, the stages were well organized, great props, and the staff were friendly and helpful.  As the day progressed, I started to relax and enjoyed my time in NH.  This was definitely the most fun I have had in shooting IDPA since I started.  I definitely look forward to the BUG Nationals at Smith & Wesson!

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