Mama Said Use Your Words Part 1

From Julianna– We have all seen local news reports or know someone that has been assaulted in some way lately. I had an encounter in a parking lot that could have been a very negative experience or someone innocently begging for cash. This is a reminder to always trust your gut and you don’t have to negotiate with anyone.. about anything. If you don’t like what is going on, CHANGE IT!

As I was coming out of Walmart I did my normal visual check of behind and side to side. In front of me I see a woman pulling out of a handicap spot and promptly ran over the motorized cart, pushing it completely around her truck into the middle of the lane. I walked straight towards her pointing the cart. She got out to move it and I saw a woman coming towards her truck at the same time. I assumed she was on her way in. I turned my course back to my truck and didn’t think anymore of it. As I was loading bags into the back seat of the truck, my back was on the truck and the cart in front of me. I look up and there is the woman I saw walking through the parking lot and all of a sudden it snapped that she was begging or doing a set up. We made eye contact, she started to speak and I said “no. not doing this. back a way” I put my hand up and just said back away. She said “ma’am do you think I’m going to harm you?” I said “nope. I just need you to back a way. we are not doing this” she turned around quite offended. I had to chuckle to myself.

I didn’t know if she wanted money, if she was distracting me and setting me up for a hit. I didn’t care. I didn’t let her talk, I didn’t let her get any closer to me and I changed her plan immediately. At no time did a reach for my gun, I simply stood ready, made eye contact with her, looked her up and down and took notice of her clothes and if she could have a weapon on her. I was ready though. I’m a bit upset with myself for having a lapse in situational awareness. But I did achieve something…. thanks to Austin Davis of Virtual Tactical Academy, I did a quick threat assessment and I commanded a specific action to take back control of the situation.

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