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Locking Your Rifle Bolt Back

When you are holding your AR-15 rifle, you will want to demonstrate to those around you that it is in a safe condition. The best way to do this is to ensure there is no magazine in the mag well, and then lock the bolt back showing that the action is clear.

In this video, Tatiana Whitlock coaches you through a dry-fire session of the steps to locking your rifle bolt back. Before any dry-fire session, make sure that your area is clear of any ammunition and all safety protocols are in place.

First, make sure that your index finger is straight off the trigger, and that you have a high, tight grip on rifle, with your thumb prepped on the mechanical safety.

With your rifle in the mounted position, slide your support hand back to hold the mag well. Don’t break your stance or posture. Your support-hand thumb will press and hold the bottom of bolt catch paddle. With your strong hand, reach over the rifle, claw the charging handle, pull it back, and then seat the charging handle back in place with your strong-hand thumb. Reacquire your forward grip on the forend, and lower the rifle into a ready position.

Isolate your skillsets and give them necessary repetitions so that you develop good habits and consistent gun handling techniques.

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