League City Members Take the Challenge for May

League City Members Take the Challenge for May

During the month of May, League City Chapter members can choose to take 30-Day Dry-Fire Challenge. A graphic developed by AG & AG Facilitator Tracy Hughes of Safety and Defense Solutions lists dry fire tasks for 6 days in each week (allowing for one day of rest). If a member completes all 30 days of the challenge, she will have dry fired 250 times during the month. The goal of this particular challenge is to get members to dry fire regularly to improve their shooting. The ladies are also encouraged to journal about their practices. Dry fire is an important part of practice to be proficient with a firearm. The League City ladies want to be on top of their game!

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    1. hughes.tracylynn

      Christa – I think we put your answer on fb but wanted to cover it here too. Compressed Ready or High Compressed Ready is with your arms tucked in to your sides, normal grip, muzzle pointed downrange rather than at the ground. The League City ladies shoot at an indoor range so we use compressed ready more than low ready. :)

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