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League City Celebrates

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the range
not a lane was empty or the “pew, pew, pew” strange. 
The classroom and hallways were filled with great cheer,
with ladies dressed in reds & greens, with happiness it’s clear!
We shot Christmas tree targets, and ate lots of sugary bliss;
and sat with Santa to tell him our Christmas wish list. 
On we went to party at our favorite restaurant;
ordering food, and drinks and anything we want. 
We had door prizes, and an Ugly Sweater Contest;
and continued to party until midnight’s rest. 
We sure do love our A Girl & A Gun sisterhood;
and will tell everyone that – be a member they should. 
And as all the ladies were getting ready to leave the site,
they heard their Facilitator tell them MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL and have a good night!

The League City, TX, chapter had over thirty ladies attend their 2019 holiday party. The photos shows the expressions of fun and concentration as they were putting their strings of lights in their Christmas tree targets.  They had their traditional “Ugly Sweater Contest” that the ladies voted on, and Facilitator Cindy Scott supplied a lot of prizes to give away! They had a volunteer gift exchange that was a big hit, and almost everyone in attendance gathered for dinner.

Members shot holes into their Christmas tree targets and then filled the holes with lights!
Beautiful Christmas tree targets!

The chapter also celebrated its A-Team, whose members all recently earned their NRA Pistol Instructor certification AND Chief RSO distinction! Cindy says, “I don’t want to brag too much, but I’m really so proud of these ladies! We have such an awesome chapter and our ladies we serve as just as awesome!”

Cindy also offered words of gratitude for AG & AG HQ. She said, “THANK YOU is such a small thing to say how much impact Julianna and Robyn have done to make AG & AG what it is. We love AG & AG and love you guys for the efforts to give us such high standards to keep and continue to strive for!”  

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  1. So much fun! … and the FaLaLaLaLa Llama jumping over the fence sweater that I made tied for first place along with The Grinch!

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