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Keeping Hand Warmers on Hand

One of the items that is usually in our event swag bags is a hand warmer pack. As the weather gets cooler, it’s a great opportunity to spotlight this little item that makes a big difference!

Hand warmers are a great item to keep in your range bag because you’ll never know when you’ll need them. Whether you’re in a field hunting pheasants or on a tactical range, it’s important to keep your body temperature in check.

Erica Stone, Chapter Facilitator of Jacksonville FL, shares, “To keep more of your body warm without losing dexterity, place hand warmers in your front pants pockets arranged over femoral arteries and/or in the front of your armpits if you have a snug shirt. Heating the blood itself is more efficient and then you can still use your hands fully while they’re warming!”

Especially on cold match days or when you’re doing defensive firearms, hand warmers can be helpful. For those with arthritis or those whose hands tighten in cold weather, hand warmers keep dexterity in your fingers, and particularly your trigger finger so you have a smooth trigger press and better accuracy.

We often see hand warmers on the sporting clays course, too. And maybe you even attended one of our Bushcraft classes at National Conference, where they learned how to use hand warmers to make fire!

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