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Member Spotlight: Never a Victim Again, Ever

March 1, 2014, 0320 on an island in Texas…. Crash! Crash! Boom! Boom! Awakening to a dog in his kennel barking [a fear bark], a blood curdling bark. Once again, Crash, Boom! Crash, Boom! I nudge my husband who’s lying next to me dead asleep, “What the….” he jumps up, and rushes to the back door, no shoes, no shirt. I hear “Get out of here! Get away from my house!” I dial 911, as I hear the back door booming and the sound of kitchen plates, pots and pans crashing. Like a cartoon, where the sounds are coming from bubbles above the characters, “bam, boom, crash, bang” I am on the floor, crouching/hiding beside the bed, whispering into the receiver talking to the 911 operator, “please help, we’ve had a break in…oh my gosh, there are TWO of them… please, help.” The calming nature, the reassuring voice, my “lifeline” on the 911 call, dispatcher, Ms. Melissa, who held my hand on the telephone until help arrived. There are no words to describe the lifesaving heroic deeds of the dispatcher and GPD provided us that morning; the morning which changed my life forever.

Long-time AG & AG member, Ashley West, heard about our situation, and suggested that I learned the art of shooting (you know, to protect yourself). Is she talking to me? Me, who doesn’t believe in guns, me, who just doesn’t get it, me – the peace, love, and no war from the 60s girl? I thought to myself, ok, I’ll give it a shot (pun intended). At her invitation, I also attended (as a spectator) her match at an outdoor range, and was so impressed with her accuracy and talent on the course, I knew right then and there, I wanted to be just like her one day. And so it began; I joined AG & AG. I’ve purchased two additional handguns since my initial revolver, and I’m totally hooked on NEVER BEING A VICTIM IN MY OWN HOME AGAIN, EVER, or anywhere else for that matter.

It’s been a little over two years since the change in my philosophy about guns as well as the personal improvement of my accuracy and readiness. I can only thank my mentors, and my one-on-one firearms/safety & defense teacher, Tracy Lynn Hughes for leading me on the course I am presently on. It’s a good, solid, skilled, knowledgeable path. The camaraderie of AG & AG League City Chapter Members, the sharing of information and knowledge is immeasurable. There are no words to describe the lifesaving skills AG&AG has provided me over the last two years – a far cry from that morning which changed my life forever. Thanks for being there for me!

Keep shootin’ ‘em straight, sisters!
League City AG & AG

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