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June 2024 Recap

June 2024 was jam-packed with adventure and excitement! In June 2024 we hosted another awesome DRIFT Academy and our chapters had a ton of summer fun at the range. AG & AG event attendance was up 24.56% & our membership rates were up 43.7% compared to last year. More than 2,300+ women turned to AG & AG for training last month! Here are the highlights:

DRIFT Academy Welcomes 34 Ladies to Virginia International Raceway

In June, we hosted our third DRIFT Academy, where AG & AG members get to learn evasive driving, ballistics and tactics, and tons of other information! The instructor team at RFH Tactical Mobility presented three days of material to equip the ladies with knowledge of safety in and around a vehicle. These skills are used every day on roadways and in dangerous transitional spaces, like parking garages and parking lots, and now AG & AG members are safer in their home communities. Join us in 2025 in March and June! Learn more and register at!

New Members’ Stats and Metrics: Who Are They?

In June we welcomed more than 600 card-carrying members to AG & AG! Our new member polling shows that 36% of these ladies have been shooting less than one year, and 33% have been shooting less than 5 years. For the brand-new shooters, 17% said that they were urged to join AG & AG by a family member or friend. 54% said that having their first shooting experience with a live-fire instructor gave them knowledge and confidence to use their handguns. Only 2% said that a simulator or VR training experience helped them “ease in” to firearms. We’re so proud of the work we do!

44% of our new ladies reported that they attend AG & AG events “to practice defensive skills” and 60% already have their carry permit. 34% of them enjoy shooting with their spouses. 83% say that they don’t yet participate in shooting sports. 82% own their own pistol, 43% have their own shotgun, and 39% own their own rifle. We are excited about all of the opportunities we have to share with these ladies!

Quarterly Match Winners Announced

In June we announced the winners of the 2024 1st Quarter League Match. A total of 230 members from 58 chapters across the United States submitted scores. Congratulations to the Alvin TX Chapter Facilitator Kathlynn Joel-Reich for earning 1st Place Overall! Her combined time was only 19.42 seconds for all three strings. Kat was in the Green Centerfire Irons (GCI) division, which comprises experienced shooters using iron sights.

The Quarterly Match allows AG & AG members to compete on a national level, while providing them incentives to improve and helping them grow in their personal shooting journeys. Participants new to competition learn how to shoot a typical course of fire, understand match commands, use a shot timer, and determine scoring. Winners of the match receive prizes based on the number of participants, and of course, bragging rights among the chapters. The Quarterly Match is a positive gateway into competition and all participants are encouraged to seek out additional matches, particularly AG & AG Fall Fest, our annual Team Pistol Challenge and Multigun Challenge.

By the Numbers

Here is our reach in June 2024:

  • We hosted 396 chapter events with 2,338 attendees (+24.56% since over last June)
  • We had 3 virtual events with 1,815 video views (and climbing!)
  • 628 membership packets were mailed from HQ (+43.7% over last June).
  • 2 new chapters were opened: Everett WA and Omaha NE
  • We grew to 12,265 subscribers on our smartphone app (+19.6%).

Local Training and Media Highlights

Here are local news and media highlights for June 2024:

The Frisco TX Chapter hosted a Girls Night Out at Frisco Gun Club and enjoyed dinner at the range’s restaurant afterwards. The women had so much fun shooting and gathering together!

The Gold Country CA Chapter is having a blast learning important skills with the new Pistol Marksmanship Program! #marksmanship

The Grand Junction CO Chapter enjoyed ‘Speed Dating’ during their T-Time. The ladies had a variety of firearms to handle and test fire! This was especially valuable to the newer members.

The Douglas County NV Chapter’s Breakfast & Bullets Safety Brief was presented by A-Teamer and RSO Karen L. #leadership

The Conroe TX Chapter invited sisters from The Woodlands TX Chapter to beat the heat with a trip to Turrango’s, a dryfire range. They tackled tournaments, drills, scenarios, and, yes, ZOMBIES for fun and prizes!

The Central WI Chapter earned beads in the Pistol Marksmanship Program! And the first 10 ladies who signed up for the program received a special charm from their Facilitator! #marksmanship

The Douglas County NV Chapter had three new members complete a Basic Pistol Class. Welcome ladies on your new shooting journey!

The Southern ME Chapter raised $1,150 for the Honor Flight Network, a nonprofit that honors America’s Veterans with travel to visit memorials from their time in service. Not all Southern ME members are in the photo, but their contributions over the last 6 months have enabled us to help fund one Veteran with a trip of a lifetime! #givingback

The Grand Junction CO Chapter completed a “Stop the Bleed” class at St. Mary’s Regional Hospital. This free workshop teaches bystanders to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.

The Central WI Chapter saw a few new faces at Girls Night Out. They participated in the Pistol Marksmanship Program and practiced with the A Girl & A Gun dueling tree target. Everyone had a great time! #marksmanship

The Conroe TX Chapter planned a surprise birthday shoot for an A-Team member’s BIG birthday. They had creative targets consisting of a nonedible birthday cake, a black balloon tree, a dragon in the dungeon, the Grim Reaper, and finished the birthday party with a black balloon shoot off! #itsmorethanshooting

The Douglas County NV Chapter started their Girls Night Out by doing eye exercises by Mike Ox. Nancy led the group in these exercises.

The Montgomery County PA Chapter shot the AG & AG Quarterly Match during their Girls Night Out! Then they gathered for dinner at Not Your Average Joes restaurant. #itsmorethanshooting

The Sioux Falls SD Chapter held their first Meet & Greet at Scheels! It was a great kickoff! If you live in the area, join us!

The North Brevard FL Chapter had an amazing gathering after a great Girls Night Out on the range! #itsmorethanshooting

The Flagler County FL Chapter hosted a U.S. Law Shield attorney speaking on self-defense and the legal system and what happens after an incident. And some members earned their first beads in the AG & AG Marksmanship Program!

The Orlando FL Chapter enjoyed tackling different shooting drills on the AG & AG Candy Land target!

The South Houston TX Chapter was adventurous this month by starting the AG & AG Pushup Challenge! And their members are leveling up with the Pistol Marksmanship Program at every event!

The Central WI Chapter participated in a First Aid/trauma response class and learned how to handle various injuries that could occur on and off the range. #itsmorethanshooting

The Grand Junction CO Chapter had fun during their GNO practicing dry-fire skills with some new SIRT Training Pistols!

The Alvin TX Chapter had a very productive month! Members worked on honing their skills and leveling up on the PMP program! #marksmanship

The Saukville WI Chapter closed out the month with a 3-Gun Clinic sponsored by Saukville Gun Club. There were 5 AG & AG chapters represented from 3 states and over 500 miles! (including the National eChapter!). They excited about attending the AG & AG Fall Fest Multigun Challenge in October!

The Sheboygan County WI Chapter had a second Vision Training clinic. A-Teamer Darla taught how complex eye dominance and both-eyes-open shooting can significantly impact performance with both a Red Dot and iron sights on a pistol. She led them through drills from Mike Ox and his training programs.

The Memphis TN Chapter members are truly enjoying the Marksmanship program. It has helped improve their shooting skills, and ladies are encouraging and cheering each other on as they shoot through their levels, and everyone celebrates each other during the bead ceremony! #marksmanship

The MidSouth MS Chapter had a great time learning how to ‘send it’ during a long-range clinic! They also had a first timer show up to get her very first pistol rounds down range!

The San Antonio, San Antonio Northwest, and New Braunfels TX Chapters hosted Brian Hill of The Complete Combatant for his The Inner Game of Shooting course.

The Douglas County NV Chapter enjoyed yummy food and good conversations during their monthly potluck. Sheriff Dan Coverley joined them and shared a lot about their County, how he runs it, and how they can keep themselves as safe as possible.

The Waukesha WI Chapter hosted their very first shotgun Girls Night Out at McMiller Sports Center. They are excited about getting more women involved in sporting clays and shooting sports!

The Sierra Foothills CA Chapter enjoyed an awesome OC class! They loved learning about pepper spray as a less-lethal means of self-defense.

The Savannah GA Chapter had a great day on the range! The ladies shot the Quarterly Match and completed Level 1 of the Pistol Marksmanship program.

The Aiken SC Chapter hosted a Girls Day Out at Savannah River Rifle & Pistol Club. They worked on the Pistol Marksmanship Program. They love the challenges and love celebrating successes with the beads. One sister Dawn, hit a perfect 10 on all strings! Despite the heat, they rocked it!

New Articles & Videos

In June 2024, A Girl & A Gun published the following resources (membership may be required to view):

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