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June 2023 Recap

June 2023 was jam-packed with adventure and excitement! We hosted our inaugural DRIFT Academy, which was amazing and has everyone eager for information about the next one (hint: there will be 2 in 2024)! Attendance at our chapter events nationwide grew 19% with 1,877 women turning to AG & AG for training this month. Our member engagement continued to increase, and our chapters have been having a lot of summer fun at the range. Here are some of the highlights:

AG & AG DRIFT Academy: Firepower, Horsepower, and Everything in Between

A caravan of white Ford Crown Vics sped around a racetrack, deploying evasive techniques, PIT maneuvers, and off-road recoveries. The drivers inside were not law enforcement, executive protection, or military operators: they were suburban moms and grandmas, who wanted to master defensive skills to keep themselves and their families safe. A Girl & A Gun’s DRIFT (Dynamic Real-world Immersive Firearms Training) Academy took place on June 6 – 8, 2023, at the Virginia International Raceway​. It was the first training course of its kind that addressed all aspects of vehicle defense for women. Registration for 2024 is opening soon! Learn more >

AG & AG Leaders Continue to Raise the Bar

This month we hosted an exclusive AG & AG class with The Complete Combatant’s Lead Instructor, Brian Hill, for ladies who run AG & AG chapters. The participants spent 3 challenging days earning the Certified Deliberate Coaching Instructor credential. Brian Hill shared over 40 years of coaching and instructor development with the attendees. His journey has given him a unique insight and experience over a broad range of training philosophies that he shared to help our chapters’ leaders become better communicators, better instructors, and better leaders on the range.

Dates Announced for Back the Women in Blue Event

In June, we locked in the dates for the 2023 BTWB event: October 25-27, 2023, in Round Rock, TX. We proudly provide female Law Enforcement Officers three days of exceptional training and camaraderie. Hosted at the state-of-the-art Round Rock Public Safety Training Center, this annual event is part of our #GivingBack mission to make a difference. Officers earn TCOLE training hours, gain confidence in their weapons and DT skills, network and mentor with other women, and are rewarded for being role models, defenders, and guardians of their communities. Nominate an officer today!

Fall Fest Leadership Team Hits the Ground

Fall Fest is the only all-ladies 3-gun match in the nation, as well as a dynamic team pistol match, and 3-Gun University training program. The Leadership Team of Robyn Sandoval, Adam Willcox, and Cindy Coker met on site at Lucas Cattle Company in Cross Timbers, MO, to scout areas for 2 matches, 2 sight-in areas, and 4 classrooms. By the end of the June trip, they had designed 14 stages guaranteed to be fun and challenging for the participants at the October event. Fall Fest registration is open on Practiscore, with just a few slots left!

By the Numbers

Here is our reach in June 2023:

  • In June 2023, AG & AG hosted 341 chapter events with 1,877 attendees (+19% since over last June)
  • We had 3 virtual events with 1,133 video views (and climbing!)
  • 437 membership packets were mailed from HQ.
  • 6 new chapters were opened: Madison WI, Atlanta GA, Holly Springs GA, Marietta Northeast GA, Lake County IL, Waco TX
  • We grew to 10,251 subscribers on our smartphone app (+9.52%).

Local Training and Media Highlights

Here are local news and media highlights for June 2023:

The Columbia MO Chapter spent a fun evening working target transition drills shooting the falling plates. Every one of the ladies did a fantastic job!

The Sierra Foothills CA Chapter hosted an AG & AG Women’s Intro to Handgun course. The ladies were all essentially brand-new shooters, and they did a bang-up job! The obvious answer to the question, “What’s next?” is JOIN AG & AG!

The National eChapter held another virtual GNO in June. Many ladies shared their midyear accomplishments, big wins for 2023 so far, and how they are branching out and being adventurous. The eChapter is really connecting with one another and supporting each other in our adventures!

The Lubbock TX Chapter hosted a ladies’ pistol clinic at the Pampa Rifle and Pistol Club for the Calvary Baptist Church of Pampa.

The Grand Junction CO Chapter completed Fighting Rifle Concepts 1 at Cameo with Brent Hickmon with Defenders USA!

The Flagler County FL Chapter hosted the City of PCFD Engine 21 to share info on bleeding and how to stop it quickly and efficiently until help arrives. After shooting the Quarterly Match, the ladies finished their GNO at High Jacker’s Restaurant.

Portage MI Chapter members Cassandra Crago, Ashley Taylor, Jamie Lee, and Alexis Sale participated in the Rangemaster Pistol Instruction Program. We are so proud of their work and look forward to them using their new knowledge set to help shooters they work with succeed.

The Savannah GA Chapter shot the Quarterly Match at one of their June events.

The Sheboygan County WI Chapter celebrated National Bingo Day with pistol BINGO targets and prizes.

The Dallas TX Chapter held a Gun Cleaning Clinic during one of its monthly GNOs for June 2023. All but 1 were newer members that learned how to field strip and clean their guns for the first time! All participants also received a gun cleaning kit to use and take home.

The Beaumont TX and League City TX Chapters’ Leadership teams met for brunch and pistol practice. The gathering was a fun change since leadership does not get to shoot much during chapter events. #itsmorethanshooting

The Lubbock TX Chapter also worked on practicing the Quarterly Match.

The Henderson & Las Vegas NV Chapter members have been busy shooting many different firearm competitions.  Rifle, steel challenge, & USPSA in June.  Everyone is having a blast!  

The Montgomery County PA Chapter shot the Quarterly Match in June. Everyone shot well and had a great time!

The League City Chapter TX hosted a “Summertime Kick Off” at their June GNO where ladies learned tips for summertime concealment and had fun with pool float targets. The goal was to shoot through the middle of the float, and many got all the way to 25 yards without shooting a hole in their float!

The Grand Junction CO Chapter rocked the June Quarterly Match!

The Sierra Foothills CA Chapter tackled Confirmation Drills to make sure Amber Track and Blue Track members were leveling up in our program. They reviewed malfunctions, then used SIRT pistols to dryfire before going live.

Alexandra (Las Vegas Facilitator) and Eileen (Henderson Facilitator) recently taught 2 USCCA AR-15 classes. The ladies wowed them with their enthusiasm & skill.

The Flagler County FL Chapter had Range Appreciation Day and dropped off cakes, cookies, cupcakes, tea and $300 to say thank you to their host range. We want to help our small businesses, too. #itsmorethanshooting

Facilitator Maggie Martin (Gainesville FL) shared her love of AG & AG with NE Florida Homesteading/Prepping Ladies. She was one of five speakers, so she got to learn about beekeeping, container gardening, canning and trapping.

Facilitators Julie Puls (Naperville IL) and Theresa Schneider (Saukville WI) were surprised to see each other at a clays clinic in IL. It’s so fun to run into sisters “in the wild!” #itsmorethanshooting

Congratulations to Portage MI Chapter’s Heather Reeves (Facilitator) and Cass Crago (A-Team), who placed first and second in their MAG-40 class shooting qualification. Five AG & AG members took the class with Massad Ayoob.

The Gainesville FL Chapter Facilitator Maggie Martin was featured in the June USCCA Concealed Carry Magazine.

Executive Director Robyn Sandoval was a guest on Liberty Watch Radio with Charles Heller.

New Articles & Videos

In June 2023, A Girl & A Gun published the following resources (membership may be required to view):

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