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July 2022 Recap

This summer we beat the heat with indoor activities and training workshops, and when we were having fun in the sun, we had a blast! Our memberships are growing, and our chapters are having a lot of summer fun! Here are some of the highlights:

AG & AG Leaders Build Their Own Walther PDP F-Series Pistols

Ten AG & AG Leaders spent two days at Walther Arms HQ in Ft Smith, Arkansas, where they got a first-hand view of the design, assembly, and function of the PDP F-Series pistol. They jumped into the assembly line with Ashlee (pictured above) and each created her own personal PDP F-Series pistol. From every perfectly engineered piece to quality control testing, the process was completed by each AG & AG leader, who was then entered into the system as the assembly technician of her serial numbered pistol. Then, after test firing the pistols, they tore them down and rebuilt them under the guidance of the Walther experts in a comprehensive armorer’s course. The grand finale was taking their new PDP F-Series pistols to the range under the instruction of Walther’s Defense Team Member and AG & AG’s Director of Training Tatiana Whitlock! Read more >

2nd Quarter Match Inspires New Competitors

In July we announced our 2nd Quarter match results. Over 150 participants from 39 chapters across the United States submitted scores. Ashley from the Lebanon OH Chapter said, “Here is my experience with shooting the quarterly match: (1). The 1st and 2nd time I shot the buzzer gave me performance anxiety, by quarterly 3 it was more adrenaline less fear. (2). Shooting quarterly matches has introduced me to skills I wouldn’t be practicing on my own like 1-handed shooting, reloading mid-shoot, etc. (3). Shooting quarterly matches has helped me feel more confident as a shooter simply because of my willingness to put myself out there and challenge myself. (4). If you win you get $14 to spend on the next quarterly match or buy a cool shirt! (5). The worst thing that can happen is you don’t win. But having the courage to try is much better than never having tried at all!”

Squadding Opens for All-Ladies Pistol & Multigun Matches

The Practiscore links for the only all-ladies 3-gun match in the country were sent out in July! The AG & AG Multigun Challenge will be 8 natural terrain stages at the beautiful Lucas Ranch. Squads have Squad Pros and Squad Moms to help newer competitors through the stages. For extra help, participants can attend 3-Gun University prior to the match with instructors and pro shooters Dianna Muller, Janna Reeves Brown, Cindy Coker, Ursula Williams, and Tennille Chidester! And for extra fun, the Team Pistol Challenge comprises 6 fun bay stages that ladies tackle with a partner. The team names and costumes are hilarious! Learn more >

By the Numbers

  • In July 2022, AG & AG hosted 292 chapter events with 1,621 attendees.
  • We had 3 virtual events with 1,494 attendees.
  • 514 new membership packets were mailed from HQ (+1.25% over last July).
  • 3 new chapters were opened: Porter OK, Northern VA, Lexington KY.
  • We grew to 10,300 subscribers on our smartphone app (+35% since last July).

Local Training and Media Highlights

Here are local news and media highlights for July 2022:

The Littleton and Centennial CO Chapters had a joint Bowling Pin Match. Congrats to Gail Abanto for the win!

The Las Vegas and Henderson NV Chapters took the Sabre Civilian Safety Awareness Program to learn how to identify and address dangerous threats with Sabre pepper spray.

The Sheboygan County WI Chapter gathered for a night of learning axe throwing skills.

The Nassau FL Chapter had their very first event on July 28th! Some ladies sent their first rounds down range!

The Sierra Foothills CA Chapter cheerfully help each other score their “shooting fish in a barrel” targets.

The Sheboygan County WI Chapter enjoyed an afternoon of guided instruction through the game of Sporting Clays.

The Flagler County FL Chapter had a table at their host range’s July 4 celebration. Members loved talking with the community about their chapter.

Karen Cose, Facilitator of the Sierra Foothills CA Chapter, had a very busy day at the local Unity in the Community / Honor our Veterans festival. The highlight for the booth visitors was playing Gunopoly and earning raffle tickets for prizes!

The Northeast TN chapter hosted a Ladyseed event during the Independence Day weekend. 18 ladies attended. We learned a lot, sweated a lot, and enjoyed ourselves immensely!

The Memphis TN Chapter participated in a Steel Challenge match and IDPA match. Everyone stayed safe, learned a lot and had a great time!

The North Austin TX Chapter celebrated their 1-year anniversary of hosting Action Shooting International (ASI) matches!  Not only do these ladies set up the stages, but Chapter Facilitator Sandra is also the match director and her A-Team lead the squads.

The Central NJ Chapter hosted their weekend retreat where 25 ladies learned and competed in IDPA, USPSA, steel knockdown, Steel Challenge, and low-light shooting!

The San Antonio & San Antonio Northwest TX Chapters co-hosted a Stop the Bleed course for 19 members of 4 area chapters!

The Northern CO Chapter hosted Laura Carno from FASTER Colorado. They learned a lot and collected over $100 in donations to help train armed teachers.

The Kansas City MO Chapter relaunched at a new facility (Frontier Justice) with a new leadership team after a 6-month hiatus. Existing and new members are excited to be back!

The Central NJ Chapter competed in the monthly Police League. They were invited to the annual shoot and bbq, and had a special program to shoot just for them!

North Austin TX A-Team members earned their NRA Shotgun Instructor status! These ladies have worked hard to increase their skills and earn instructor certificates.

Robyn Sandoval was a guest on Episode 40 of the For the Love of Guns Podcast hosted by the Rogue Banshee.

Sharable Articles

The following articles were published in July 2022

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