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Instructor Spotlight: Willie Parent

Joseph “Willie” Parent served in the United States Marine Corps for 16 years and 7 months. He started his career as an Infantryman. In 1996 Willie went to Amphibious Reconnaissance School and became a Recon Marine. While serving at 2D Force Reconnaissance Company Willie went through several Close Quarters Battle Courses. He served as a Breacher, Helicopter Rope Suspension Master, Static Line Parachutist, Military Free Fall Parachutist, USMC Combatant Diver, and all positions on a team from point man to Team Leader. Willie graduated USMC Sniper School.

In 2000 Willie became a Special Operations Training Group Instructor. Willie was responsible for training Marines in Combative Marksmanship, Close Quarters Battle Precision Raids, as well as, Explosive, Mechanical, Thermal and Ballistic Breaching techniques. Willie also was an assistant instructor with the Reconnaissance and Surveillance Section. This included Instructing the Urban Sniper Course and Reconnaissance and Surveillance Techniques in rural and urban environments. At this time Willie attended the Los Angeles SWAT Instructor Course for Weapons and Tactics, The FBI Firearms Instructor Course, The US Army Anti-Terrorism and Evasive Driving Course, Georgia State Patrol SWAT and Sniper Level 1 courses. Willie also attended several other courses instructed by Jerry Barnhart, Todd Jarrett, NRA Law Enforcement Instructors and others. Willie returned to 2D Force Reconnaissance Company and served in Iraq as a Team Leader on several Direct Action Precision Raids. Upon the stand up of MARSOC, Willie served in the Bn Operations Section. He was responsible for budgeting, Training, ammunition allocations and the Force Modernization Section. Willie later served as a Company Operations Chief and then a Team Chief in Afghanistan.

Willie has been the Director of Training and GSSF for GLOCK Professional since 2017.


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