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Instructor Spotlight – John Farnam

John Farnam, police officer and decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, is one of the top defensive firearms instructors in the nation. He has personally trained thousands of federal, state, and local law enforcement agency personnel, many private security agencies, foreign governments, and hundreds of civilians in safe gun handling and the tactical use of the defensive firearms. He has authored dozens of magazine articles, five books, written several handgun manuals, produced numerous training videos, and has written a model Use of Force Policy. John is a Senior Board Member of the Armed Citizens legal Defense Network and the Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors. In June of 1996, he was selected by his peers to receive the renowned “Tactical Advocate of the Year” award from the National Tactical Association. In April of 2009, he was inducted into Black Belt Magazine’s “Living Legends.” In November of 2011, he was elevated to the rank of Kyoshi Sensei within the American Marital Arts Association. In November of 2019, John was elevated to the rank of Sensei, Shodan 1st Degree Black Belt in Hojutsu-Ryu by its founder, Jeffrey Hall.

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