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Instructor Spotlight: Ed Monk

Bio: Ed Monk has served as a police officer, schoolteacher, firearms trainer, and Army officer. He has been researching and providing training on the Active Shooter threat for over 16 years. He has trained the staff of public schools, church security teams, armed citizens, and law enforcement officers on countering the Active Shooter. He has provided presentations on the Active Shooter threat to universities, schools, churches, law enforcement agencies, and numerous conferences nationwide. Ed is co-owner of Last Resort Firearms Training in White Hall, AR. In 2007, Ed retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel and Battalion Commander after 24 years of active duty in the US, Europe, and Iraq. Immediately after his Army retirement, Ed taught high school for four years and served as a deputy sheriff in Kentucky. He now serves as a Part Time police officer. Ed’s formal education includes a BS in US History from the US Military Academy (West Point), an MS in Adult Education from Kansas State University, and he is a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College.

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