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Instructor Spotlight: Brian Hill & Shelley Hill

Brian Hill is the owner and head coach of The Complete Combatant located in Dahlonega, GA. Brian is a Rangemaster Certified Master Instructor, a Modern Samurai Project Red Dot Instructor and one of 5 Endorsed Instructors. He has over 40 years as a student/teacher in the Martial Arts and holds a Force Science Analyst Certification. Brian is an honor’s graduate from Andrew Branca’s Law of Self Defense Instructor Program, a Certified Deadly Force Instructor from Massad Ayoob Group and Brian also does the videos on Dry Fire Monday’s over a Active Self Protection EXTRA YouTube channel. Brian is a public speaker, expert witness, a presenter at Rangemaster’s Tac Con & at Active Self Protection’s National Conference. Brian competes, continues to practice daily and will forever be a student.

Shelley Hill is the marketing director, manager, and Instructor at The Complete Combatant. She is currently enrolled in Active Self Protection’s 6-month Instructor Certification program and will attend Modern Samurai Project’s Red Dot Instructor Certification course the end of February. She is a NRA Certified Instructor, Certified NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Refuse to be a Victim Instructor and is a Certified OC (Pepper Spray) Instructor through Chuck Haggard’s Agile Training & Consulting. She is the designer and mastermind behind Image Based Decisional Drills  and Smart Choices, and hosts The Complete Combatant’s annual The Mingle for professional ladies in the “firearms/self-defense” industry. Shelley is a presenter at Active Self Protection’s National Conference which features Image Based Decisional Drills. She is a public speaker and also runs the Nationwide Training Giveaway benefiting The Mingle and their featured charity Racheal’s Rest. 

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