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Instructor Spotlight – Brian Hill

Brian Hill is co-owner of The Complete Combatant, a Heckler & Koch Brand Ambassador, produces weekly videos for Active Self Protection’s YouTube channel, is on the road teaching about 45 weeks out of the year and a presenter at several National Conferences. He teaches his own Instructor Programs, is a Certified Red Dot Instructor and an Adjunct & Endorsed Instructor of Modern Samurai Project, a Rangemaster Certified Master Instructor, a Force Science Analyst graduate from FSI, and a Deadly Force Instructor graduate from Massad Ayoob Group. Brian believes that one of the areas students can improve their self-protection skills is through organization and efficiency in their approach to practice. Methodology, structure, and feedback are critical elements that are often overlooked, but provide the best options for improvement. Strategy, tactics, and techniques need to be practiced until they can be performed with unconscious competence. Equally as important is the client’s mindset, and how they can strengthen their performance under pressure.

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