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Proper Shooting Stance for Pistol

The shooting stance is one of the fundamental components to making sure you have a good platform for operating a firearm. Having your body positioned properly allows you to be steady regardless of what and how you are shooting.

It is important to keep your weight forward on the balls of your feet. Even while standing practicing with static target shooting, your posture should be forward, aggressive, and ready to move. While moving, keep your core muscles engaged to support your body with steady, confident movements. Keeping a healthy and active lifestyle will help keep your posture solid so that you can have a strong framework for shooting.

Training with a proper stance creates muscle memory that gives you the ability to move with a stable platform so that your gun can function. During competition stages or if you have to respond defensively in a crisis, your body will be properly trained to be forward and stable. This allows you to focus primarily on your front sight and trigger control, without worrying about what your feet are doing.