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Managing Recoil

Managing recoil is done with your entire body. A proper stance gives you a stable platform so that your gun can function. It is important to keep your weight forward on the balls of your feet. Even while standing practicing with static target shooting, your posture should be forward, aggressive, and ready to move.

A proper grip helps better manage recoil and muzzle rise, and helps a shooter with accuracy, speed, and retention. The hands should be as high on the gun as possible. The pistol should fit in the hand to be straight like an extension of the shooter’s arm. The support hand’s fingers should wrapped around the front of the strong hand, so that all four fingers overlay the three lower fingers of the strong hand. Engage the tendon on the support hand by pointing fingers down. While the strong hand squeezes the pistol with front-to-rear pressure, the support hand clamps pressure from the sides. This gives 360-degree pressure on the pistol providing a stable grip.

Keep your elbow joints pointing out, rather than down, to absorb the shock in the shoulders and prevent elbows from bending upward at the joint. This maximizes your stability by using your bones in addition to muscle strength to manage recoil.

Engage your pectoral muscles to press palms together instead of relying solely on hand and arm muscles. This will also help to reduce fatigue, which can cause shakiness and inaccuracy.