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Three Things to Know When Purchasing Handgun Ammunition

  1. When you are buying handgun ammunition for practice make sure you pickup “ball” or “FMJ” Full Metal Jacket. You DO NOT want to get hollow points for practice because they are very expensive. Hollow point ammunition is what you will carry in your gun for self defense.  With that said it is suggested that you practice occasionally with self defense ammo to make sure it functions in your gun and make sure it doesn’t affect your accuracy to much.
  2. You can buy ammunition at any gun store and almost all sporting good stores (Academy, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops etc.). Try to find the place that has the best deals and look for sales on your favorite brand. No matter where you shop be careful when asking for the cheapest stuff they have, because it might not be the best for your gun, which takes us to the third item…
  3. When purchasing the ammunition you need to look at the grain weight, in relationship to the price. The higher the grain weight, the smoother the shooting experience will be and the higher the price of the ammunition. Certain guns are more sensitive than others and perform better with a specific brand and grain weight.  You can search youtube for reviews on difference brands of ammunition and how it functioned in various guns.

What Ammo Do I Buy For An Event If I Don’t Own a Gun?

Many of the facilitators of AG & AG have guns available for you to use if you do not yet own a gun, or just want to try something different. Below are the different calibers of pistol rounds. Most common caliber you will see at AG & AG events are .380 and 9mm.  Please try to avoid aluminum ammunition as it is a “dirty” round leaving more residue on your hands and the guns.  If you rent a gun from the range directly you will be required to purchase their ammunition.

Handgun Caliber Sizes

Caliber Sizes